The Resilience Bra

The Resilience Bra is post-operative mastectomy and breast reconstruction bra for patients to wear after their surgery. The Resilience Bra includes features such as built-in compartments, detachable shoulder straps, adjustable bands, and drain pocket holders. Unlike mastectomy bras on the market today, the Resilience Bra includes unique features making the recovery process for patients more comfortable and manageable while reducing the risk of complications due to surgery. 


"I had four different surgeries during my breast cancer journey.  Two of them were due to complications that I had wearing the surgical bra that was provided to me after surgery.  If I would have worn the Resilience Bra, my healing process would have been more comfortable, especially with the adjustable bands on the side and detachable drain bulb pockets."


"Finally! A garment that addresses every aspect of post operative care for breast surgery patients. The Resilience Bra is a game changer!"

Dr. Samuel Roy
Plastic Surgeon

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